Can You Buy A House Inside Austin With No Money Down? Yes You Can!


TSAHC which is short for “Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation” offers grants up to 5% for purchasing your home. This is a 100% grant which means you DO NOT have to pay it back. Here are a few facts about the program. // -Simplified income limits. The income limits for the Home Sweet Texas Home […]

5% Down up to $850,000!

We now offer 5% down up to a $850,000 purchase price. Here are some of the specifics: -720 credit score required -43% max debt to income ratio (all debt including house payment divided by your your income) -6 months of reserves after down payment (This is your principal, interest, taxes, and insurance payment multiplied by […]

FHA Monthly Premiums Reduced…Trump says “I Don’t Think So”

Most of us in the mortgage business were excited when HUD released a bulletin stating FHA premiums were going to be reduced on the 1/27/17.  // Then a few short days later the Mortgage Banker Association released this statement: “Based on recent testimony and political pushback, we believe there is a strong chance the most […]

Jumbo Vs. Conventional Loans

The median price of homes in Travis county is now at $335,000.  If you want to buy in central Austin that number goes up to well above $400,000.   I am seeing prices per square foot in my neighborhood of Rosedale reach 400+/square.  In Bryker Woods and Tarrytown they can go over $500/square.  This means […]